Logistics Recruitment agency in Durban, Yes we recruit some of the best people to the Logistics sector.

Logistics employment Agency .

Logistics is by definition the moving of materials or goods from the point of origin to a required destination. 
Logistics not only includes the transportation of the materials and goods but also the packaging and storage.
Logistics Operations has change greatly in the last 10 years as significant advancement in technology and 
innovation alongside an ever growing consumer expectation has highlighted the need for top talented 
employees. In order to be a top performing logistics company requires efficient process and an expectation 
to be cost effective and to deliver on time and in full. Now More than ever logistics professionals at all 
level need to be equipped with the right skills knowledge and experience. 

We Recruit for the following sectors:

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Let us help your company fill their logistics Vacancies in Durban and the rest of South Africa .

We recruit for some of the biggest names in logistics industry and have been doing so for the last 8 years. We are experienced logistics recruitment company and recruiter for the full spectrum - Freight forwarding(Air, Sea and Road) , Warehousing, eCommerce and much more. We understand the challenges that the logistics industry in South Africa is facing, such as the skills shortage, small operating margins and the competitiveness in this sector. Let us take the stress out of your logistics job hiring process so you can focus on your bottom line. If you’re looking for a logistics recruitment agency in Durban  that not only recruits for Durban but for the rest of South Africa look no further. We have a large data base of logistics professionals that can help move your company forward.

Logistics executive recruitment.

We can provide you with:

  • Logistics Directors
  • Logistics Senior managers
  • Logistics Sales and Business development managers
  • Warehousing professionals
  • Import/ export professionals
  • Shipping professionals
  • Logistics Administrators
  • Courier personal and much more ……..


Frequently Asked Questions

Is logistics a good career choice in South Africa?

In South Africa there is a serious shortage of skilled logistics professionals. If you are able to further your education, then yes logistics could be a great industry to get in to. Logistics is a diverse industry and there are many different avenues that can be taken.

Which course is best in logistics?

There are various degrees,course and certificate you can do in South Africa. The Most sought after is either a BCOM Hons in Logistics or a BAA in Logistics and Supply chain management and these would be for individuals planning on getting into senior positions further on in their careers..There are also short courses for individuals looking to further their education and knowledge in logistics , for example supply chain and logistics certificates and warehouse management course.

How many years does it take to study logistics?

It can take anywhere from one year for a certificate or up to four years for a degree in logistics or supply chain.

What is the highest paying job in logistics?

Logistics directors and managers will usually be earning the most.They  oversee the entire operation and employees and have the most responsibility.
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